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Drop Off Catering

What is the difference between drop off catering and regular catering?

For drop off catering, food is delivered cooked and ready to serve to you at the premises at the arranged time. There are many reasons to go with drop off catering. For one, it allows you to have total control over your party – you choose when and how you’d like to serve your guests. If need be, Biddle Street Catering & Events will provide you with re-heating instructions so you can enjoy our food at a later time. Secondly, drop off catering will save you a significant amount of money since you are only paying for the food and not paying for service staff.

Outdoor & Picnic Catering

Summer means warm weather, late sunsets and outdoor entertaining. Picnics are a great way to show your employees, clients or prospects how much you appreciate them. Who doesn’t love spending a pleasant day or evening outdoors enjoying fresh, delicious food? Your menu should have a wide variety of food to make all guests feel welcome. Fruits are always a crowd pleaser as are plenty of cold beverages, so be sure to have enough to keep everyone hydrated, especially if you have activities planned. Ask Biddle Street Catering & Events to make a custom flavor of iced tea or lemonade to please your crowd.


Catering expertise shows from beginning to end—from menu planning, to minimizing the environmental impact of events. Our clients have the best menu choices at their fingertips because we’ve built strong relationships with the best food purveyors. Catered corporate events need to communicate a message that is clear and memorable. Being one of the largest catering and event companies in the city demonstrates that we not only understand Maryland business catering, we’re experts at it. We provide award winning catering that will impress your guests and make your company shine.