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William B.

Despite living in NYC, my wife and I are from Maryland. We decided to have our wedding there for the ease of our family, and for financial reasons. We did several tastings around Maryland and got quotes from even more places. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding can tell you that people come out of the woodwork with suggestions, offers, and so on. Even more exasperating (certainly for my wife) is that I am the manager and beverage director of a well-know NYC restaurant and we are constantly dining at some of the best restaurants. We had high standards. From the moment I bit into that first crab cake at the tasting, I knew we were done looking. We had three dinner buffet stations at our reception, including a BBQ table. The food . . . was . . . nuts. Unbelievable from top to bottom. We even had a sundae bar for dessert! They got us Gummy Bears! Okay enough exclamation points. The gist is: we had DOZENS of people tell us it was the best food they’ve ever had at a wedding!